Here are some things I read this week that made me think. (These are just snippets – click on the title to read the whole thing.)

‘Evil’ Man’s Family Gives Him the Obit He Deserved shared by Lauren via Jezebel

“His family adds that they have no intention of holding a funeral. Instead, they wrote that they plan to have him cremated, with his remains kept in their barn until the donkey’s wood shavings run out.

“Leslie’s passing proves that evil does in fact die,” the obituary said, “and hopefully marks a time of healing and safety for all.”

“We’re approaching safety with a sense of urgency. As such, we will be rolling out a number of product changes in the coming days and weeks. Some will be immediately visible, while others will be more targeted to specific scenarios. We will update you along the way and continue to test, learn and iterate on these changes to evaluate their effectiveness. You can expect to see meaningful progress in this area.”

“The last frame in the video makes an important point, with the screen reading: ‘Why do we say things to ourselves that we wouldn’t ever say to (or think about) our best friends? Be a best friend to yourself.’”

Young Girls Are Less Apt To Think That Women Are Really, Really Smart by Katherine with NPR

“Girls, after all, were split about evenly in associating brilliance with their gender, she notes. The boys were more likely to make the association with their own gender. So do girls need help in thinking more like the boys, or vice versa? Cimpian says it’s important not to fall into the trap of always assuming it’s the girls who need to change. But he says that girls at this age are usually overwhelmingly positive about their own gender, so any deviation from that baseline may suggest the beginning of negative attitudes.”
This is an unlikely ballet school, because it’s situated in Kibera, Nairobi, a slum home to 700,000 people. With the help of a dedicated teacher, students here have become accomplished dancers, winning scholarships to further their education. Over Christmas some performed The Nutcracker at Kenya National Theatre.

[Lots of great ideas here!]

“The playlist is obvious — of course you want The Hamilton Original Cast Recording — though surely you already own it. If not, go old-school and purchase the Hamilton CD or use a streaming service like Spotify. You could also mix it up and play the Hamilton Mixtape….

End the party with a bang (not involving any dueling pistols) with a Black and Gold Star Pinata that’s perfect for a Hamilton-themed party! Filled with old-school penny candy, gum, you name it.”

“From the depths of my heart, I want to love church. I want to be head-over-heals for church like the unshakable Ned Flanders. I want to send global, sky-writing airplanes telling the life-change that happens beneath a steeple. I want to install a police microphone on top of my car and cruise the streets screaming to the masses about the magical Utopian community of believers waiting for them just down the street. I desperately want to feel this way about church, but I don’t. Not even a little bit. In fact, like much of my generation, I feel the complete opposite.”‘