Has your week been long and crazy and full of events like mine has?  Here’s just a taste of what’s been happening in my Instagram world this week…..

Out of curiosity, I decided to peruse the photos from the March for Life today.  References to abortion were plentiful.  I did not see a single reference to foster youth, immigrant safety, access to healthcare, death penalty, #blacklivesmatter, birth control, assistance to impoverished families, or orphan care.  The pro-life movement will never be taken seriously if the scope does not actually include concern for all aspects of life.
No photos, please.
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Took the kids to see Moby Dick today: the story of a psychotic captain who sacrifices the well-being of his entire ship in the pursuit of his own vengeful goals.  So yea … relevant.
LAPD showed up in riot gear to the peaceful protest here at LAX.
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The real heroes at LAX tonight: these attorneys who showed up and volunteered their time for anyone needing help.
Shout-out to the people rocking Hamilton references on their protest signs yesterday at LAX.
This is frightening, and an attempt to erase the checks and balances of our country’s three branches of government should elicit outrage from Republicans, too.
Per my earlier Instagram: judicial branch was definitely absent from the menu this morning (I checked).  Looks like White House website popped the judicial branch back into the main menu but individual pages still show it missing from the menu.  WTF.  (Screenshots from my phone just now)
Gotta love when you get an alert from your child’s internet watchdog about an email including profanity and drug references, and it turns out to be your own newsletter.
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She saw him in concert last year.  Was yuge.

Head on over to @luvvie’s facebook page in about 15 minutes where I will be asking her questions about blogging, activism, humor, and other assorted topics as part of her keynote at #altsummit.

Friends and sunshine and cocktails – a nice palate cleanser after a rough week.  #altsummit
When the party’s so lit you have to wear a hazmat suit.  @luvvie @lauramayes

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One of my favorite places with one of my favorite people.