A quick recap of the memories recorded on the Instagram page this week….

Jafta’s science experiment: is the 5-second rule legit?

No, we aren’t going to Disneyland. They just decided it was a “matching” day.

There are some mothers who, when their daughter expresses an interest in singing a vocally challenging Adele song for the school talent, say SURE and let them go for it. And there are other mothers who explain vocal range and the difficulty of runs and steer their children to a simpler song with a less strenuous melody that they will be sure to nail without cracking or going flat.

Another intolerable post about the cold weather.

Vintage 80’s dress, ruffled too-short leggings and cowboy boots.

Oh, you know, just sitting here openly weeping in front of my children. (Thanks for the Lamarca @cleezy)

Pretty much.

One disturbing finding in Jafta’s science project: data suggests our kitchen floor is dirtier than our front sidewalk. šŸ˜³šŸ˜‚

On a very special episode of The Bachelor, @paulosophia must decide who gets a hometown date and who goes home. It’s the most dramatic rose ceremony yet!

Saw a powerful one-man show at @segerstromarts last night about police brutality. It’s running again tonight. If you are local, please try to see it. It will challenge you in the best of ways.