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I love giving gifts, but I can also get a little stuck with trying to choose the right thing for each person in my family. I want my gifts to be thoughtful but also practical. I want it to be something that delights, but also something that will be used. And I also want it to be something that lets the receiver know I’ve given thought to who they are and what they need.

I never would have thought of giving someone insurance, until I heard of VSP Direct‘s program.
I knew my nephew’s boyfriend Andre was struggling with dealing with his own vision needs. His glasses are ancient and his contacts are wearing out. He’s fresh out of college and hustling to make it as an actor, and I knew that this would make a big impact on him. I decided to tell him early, because he was already pushing his contacts past their limits. Here’s our conversation when I revealed his gift:

Individual Vision Plans from VSP are available in every state, and make an affordable gift that will truly make a positive impact on someone’s life. To learn more, visit