My friend’s son has created a game that I really believe in, and if you have teens or a spouse who is into gaming, it’s a great gift option. Noah Massaro lives across the street from me. He’s a smart and creative 16-year-old who loves fantasy and gaming. His parents, however, were frustrated with some of the elements of fantasy gaming . . . violence, hyper-sexuality, and an emphasis on screen-time or zoning out. Noah is home-schooled, and his parents encouraged him to try his hand at creating a board-game . . . one that combines the magic of fantasy, the strategy of chess and that avoids blood and gore or scantily-clad characters.

Noah rose to the occasion and created a really incredible board game called Andromeda Fight League. He built the game around a great premise that avoids pitting characters against each other with the aim to kill. Instead, the backstory involves warriors coming together after a time of war, using their powers to battle each other in an exercise to maintain peace. The characters include enchanters, creatures and engineers who exercise their gifts of combat, strategy, and skill.

Andromeda Fight League is a tactical two-player fantasy board game (with a four-player option) in which players battle for supremacy. To play, you strategically place your Fighters on the terrain boards and then move them into position to battle and destroy your opponent’s Fighters. The game uses elements of chess with the best features of card games like Pokemon or Magic. The game is played on an ever-changing board so you get a new game every time you play. It comes with a backstory in graphic novel form, that tells of a war-torn universe and their plan to broker peace through organized skirmishes.

My kids and their friends have really enjoyed learning to play, and it has done very well at gaming conventions. He’s also gotten rave reviews from several gaming websites. I love that Noah was able to be creative in his passion and create a product that absolutely competes with other board games in this genre.

You can buy AFL on Amazon here.