This post was sponsored by Monster High
When my kids were small, I would scour Pinterest and blogs for inspiration for their birthday party decor. I would relish themes like “whimsical tree fairy party” or “hot pink chevron.” (Don’t judge. I’ve been a parent for over a decade and there are side effects. Chevron prints were big back then.)
Thankfully, my kids caught wind that parties could be themed after their favorite characters and they saved me from my Pinterest problem. And, I realized that the right thing to do was honor their request and let them have some agency over their own parties. From time to time, this has resulted in some “interesting” choices, especially with The Twins and their different personalities, but the important thing is that my kids are happy. (And, by the way, it’s a lot less work.)
This year, India chose a party theme from one of her favorites: Monster High. I have to say, I was really impressed.
As India grows older and approaches junior high, I know friendships can become more difficult to navigate and she’s learning so much so fast. So, I really appreciate that the dolls she loves are all about embracing kindness, accepting others, and celebrating what makes each of them unique. Monster High recently released an exclusive Lady Gaga doll, beneItfitting a charity working toward empowering kids to build a kinder and braver world, further demonstrating their commitment to making a safe place for everyone. A product that has inclusive messages at its heart, combined with bold, expressive individualism is great fit for our family.
For me, the hot pink and black color scheme appealed to my Pinterest-Chevron-loving side, and they had a wide variety of adorable decorative accessories, ready to use right out of the box from Party City.
I loved the table centerpieces and the party guests were big fans of the cute hair extensions – a perfect “goody bag” alternative because these girls can wear them again and again.

Keeping the October celebrations alive, the girls continue to rock their birthday party outfits — a really fun option for Halloween. I love how they’re just a little bit creepy, but also totally cute.
I’m also a fan of the hours and hours of cooperative play this Monster High school set, an early birthday gift, has bought us. If you have kids in the 6-12 range and are looking for something that will really occupy their attention, this playset is amazing. The proof:
It’s been a month of  scary-cute fun and I suspect it will continue, as we will be rounding out their Monster High collection with some surprises under the Christmas tree.

How about you: How do you encourage your kids to celebrate who they are and what they love at birthdays and beyond?