My kids went back to school this week, and not a moment too soon. This summer . . . ugh. In theory I love summer. In practice it kind of sucks. Working from home with four kids around is not for the faint of heart. I was exhausted and constantly distracted and irritated and the kids were bored. I think even they were ready to go back to school. Photo Sep 06, 7 52 20 AM Photo Sep 06, 7 53 16 AM I realized while taking these photos that this is the last year I will ever have all my kids at one school. Jafta and Karis will never again attend the same school. That thought makes me really sad. I love having them all together. Photo Sep 06, 11 23 37 AM All of my kids had a really positive first day of school, and so did I. After drop-off, I had some other moms from their school over for mimosas to celebrate our newfound freedom. The kids saw my preparations and said, “What? You are celebrating that our summer is over?” Yes, children. Yes we are. Photo Sep 06, 4 23 36 PM Photo Sep 06, 10 59 09 AM Photo Sep 06, 4 23 39 PM   Photo Sep 06, 9 56 56 AM (1)