Photo Jul 25, 12 49 18 PM
Over the summer I tend to take an “anything goes” approach to my kids’ hair and let them choose a fun color. Last year, I let them choose one color in either a streak or the tips of their hair.
Photo Jul 08, 1 54 37 PM (1)
This year they were begging to do “rainbow hair” so I decided to try to experiment with that, and I’m loving the results.
Photo Jul 25, 12 25 02 PM
Here’s a simple way to get colorful ombre tips at home using products you can find on You will want hair dye in a couple colors. I recommend Jerome Russell Punky Color if you want it to fade after a few washes, or Special Effects Color if you want it to last the summer. You will also need a Dye Brush Set.  Here’s how we did it:

If you try it, take some pictures and hit me up on twitter so I can see the results!
Photo Jul 25, 12 46 58 PM