If you live in the greater LA/Orange County area and you are a Christian with a slight bent to the irreverent, there are some upcoming events that might be revelant to your interests. First, in two weeks LA’s Hatchery will be putting on an Adult VBS at their headquarters in Redondo Beach. This is a fun, tongue-in-cheek experience that will also provide some incredibly meaty content, with Walter Brueggemann as the main speaker (and myself leading “craft time” on Thursday and Friday.) You can come for the whole week, or you can buy a two-day pass. AND . . . my readers can use the code RAGE to get 10% off. Register here. More info here. EB_VBS_front If your day job keeps you from joining us at Adult VBS, come join us Thursday night, August 4, for a LIVE podcast recording of HomeBrewed Christianity. Walter Brueggemann, Kester Brewin and myself will be joining Barry & Tripp for what I’m sure will be a lively conversation. Tickets here. adult vbs podcast Adult VBS Live Podcast And last but not least, join us for Beer and Hymns’ annual Camp Song night. It was a favorite last year and we have no doubt this one will be even better. If you have ever been to Christian summer camp, you know they have a musical culture all their own. We sang songs about springing up oh wells, fountains flowing deep and wide, Abraham’s father, not getting to heaven on roller skates, do Lord oh do Lord, Pharaoh’s letting people go, fighting in the Lord’s army, spelling out bible, basically all kinds of weirdness. But, somehow, ten or twenty or thirty years later, you still know all the words and the hand motions. We will be doing some traditional hymns as well as some silly camp songs. We will gather together to eat at 5:30, and then we will sing together at 7pm. Tickets here. cheer camp singalong