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As a mom of four book-obsessed kids, and as an avid reader at myself, I am always looking for the latest technology that will encourage reading and provide a nice online library for our family. I recently had a chance to try the Playster service, and I have been really impressed. Playster is a subscription service that allows users to subscribe to books, audiobooks, music, movies, and games.  You can choose to subscribe to only one service, or you can subscribe to all four and have unlimited entertainment in one place.

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Playster works on just about any device. You can access it through an app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. You can also access it on a computer. You can download items and listen on the go, even without a connection.

Playster has a really stellar selection, especially when it comes to books and audiobooks. Their audio book selection is really unparalleled. They have all sorts of books, from cookbooks to children’s books, from young adult fiction to classics.


Their music service rivals most other music subscription services where you can find everything from Coldplay to The Black Keys. They also have some great curated playlists.

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Playster is a great way to have an online library for your family. We have only scratched the surface of the books they have available. For me, it’s a nice alternative to the Kindle, which requires the purchasing of books. We put this app on all of the kids’ iPads and it’s such an easy way for them to have a huge selection of books no matter where they are.

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If you order a year of their unlimited service for $24.99 per month, they will also include a tablet and headphones, which are really great for reading on the go. You can add additional accounts to your membership at 50% off, so each additional member of the family can have their own account for $12.55 per month. 


If you would like to try Playster for your self, they are offering a 30 day trial with this link. Happy reading!