We lost a true artist today. Prince was a musical genius. He could write a catchy hook like no one else. But his lyrics are nothing to forget, either.

Sometimes, he was prophetic.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to celebrate this thing called life. (Let’s Go Crazy)

In this life, things are much harder than in the afterworld. In this life, you’re on your own. (Crazy)

What’s beyond you and me depends my friends primarily on how you view your role in eternity. (Muse To The Pharoah)

The pills gonna leave a side effect that’ll take another pill to correct. (Fascination)

Sometimes, he was doling out wisdom.

If you don’t like the world you’re living in, take a look around you, at least you got friends. – Prince, Let’s Go Crazy

Is the mail man jerking you around? Did he put your million dollar check in somebody else’s box? (Pop Life)

And other times, he was just plain random.

Just look for the purple banana til they put us in the truck. (Let’s Go Crazy)

And when your cup overflow, I’ll pee some more. (Can We Funk)

If I came back as a dolphin, would you listen to me then? Would you let me be your friend? (Dolphin)

I’ve seen the future and it will be Batman. (The Future)

If U asked her what she had 4 breakfast, this is what she’d say, starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam, butterscotch clouds and a tangerine, a side order of ham. If U set your mind free, baby, maybe U’d understand. (Starfish and Coffee)

He often made us clutch our pearls with his overt brand of sexuality

Every way she’s a winner, turn a gay preacher into a sinner. (Peach)

I bet if you threw that ass into the air it would turn into sunshine. (Sexy M.F.)

I’ve had dreams of us cuddling on the planet Mars, then when I wake up, I’m all covered in sex. (Space)

Your face is jamming, your body’s hip for slamming, if love is good, let’s get to ramming. (U Got The Look)

Sometimes he got deep and made us ponder.

No child is bad from the beginning, they just imitate their atmosphere. (Sexuality)

The clams on shore, souls in progress. Here comes the fisherman, soul no more. (Animal Kingdom)

The scales would then become unbalanced and thus would begin the fall, the sin of one would become the sin of one and all. (Rainbow Children)

We’re living in a system that the devil designed, and suffering from this devil’s most heinous crime. He’s tried to keep us from the reason we were born, that is to be the living truth in human form. (The Work Part 1)

Other times, he was our collective sassy grandma, ready to side-eye with a side of diss.

What’s underneath your hair, is there anybody living in there? (Pop Life)

Act your age, mama, not your shoe size. (Kiss)

Prince, you were the soundtrackof my childhood, and you will be missed.