Switch to green cleaning products

Mainstream cleaning products are full of things that are terrible for the environment. And it’s such an easy switch.  Grove Collaborative, online purveyors of all kinds of earth-friendly goodies, have a generous offer for my followers. You can use this link for a gift of everything in this photo from Mrs. Myers with your first order! Photo Apr 20, 10 30 04 AM  

Start a compost system in your backyard

I wrote a post about it here. Composting is surprisingly easy. It basically involves collecting  organic material that you would otherwise throw away . . . coffee grounds and filters, apple cores, banana peels, tea bags, napkins, pizza boxes, brown paper bags, plain pasta or rice, old bread or cereal, paper towel rools, produce, used  non-waxed paper plates, nut shells, cereal boxes, wine corks, moldy cheese, old ice cream, wine that’s gone bad, egg cartons, old loofahs, cotton balls, dryer lint, shredded paper, pencil shavings, receipts, vaccuum cleaner contents, newspapers, houseplants and flowers, fireplace ash . . . you can even chop up your Christmas tree and compost it. Check out these tips on composing: it's easier than you think!

Green your beauty routine

I never gave much thought to how my makeup, hair, or skincare products affected the envinroment until my friend Sarah James went headlong into “green beauty.” At first, I was skeptical, but now I’m a convert. Having done some research, I’m astounded at the chemicals found in MOST haircare and skincare products. They are toxic to both the human boday and to the environment, and they are found in just about every product that isn’t developed for safety. It’s a hard thing to navigate, which is why I’m such a fan of BeautyCounter. BeautyCounter. As a company, they are involved in research, advocacy, and product development. All of their products are safe, tested, and highly rated by the Environental Working Group. And better yet, they are just really good. I’m particularly a fan of their kids’ line, their facial wash, and their lipstick. beauty counter by whoorl photo credit: Whoorl

Go meatless once a week

It may not seem like going vegetarian once a week is that big of a deal, but according to Real Simple, “adding one meat-free meal per week (for a family of four) has the same impact as driving a hybrid car.”

Donate instead of dump.

Avoid contributing to landfill space by taking your used clothing, furniture, and other household items to Goodwill or another donation center.