Photo Mar 26, 5 47 58 PM   Photo Mar 26, 3 54 52 PM It’s been more than a week since Easter, and here I am posting some pics. Man, this spring is flying by. Is it just me or did Easter feel way too early this year? Like, right on the tails of St. Patrick’s Day. Photo Mar 26, 8 39 12 PM India is my little helper. Ever since she outgrew the fantasy, she’s wanted to help at every holiday. I think she enjoys this part more than anything. She’s so my daughter. Photo Mar 26, 9 18 54 PM On Easter eve, Jafta said to me: “So let me guess. Tomorrow I’m getting a basket with a book, some art stuff, and four eggs full of candy?” SHUT UP KID YOU DONT KNOW ME. Photo Mar 27, 8 36 46 AM Jafta: making sure things are fair since 2004. (There’s one in every family, amirite?) Photo Mar 27, 10 06 29 AM We got dressed up in our Easter duds (thanks Tea Collection) and headed to church in downtown Santa Ana. Photo Mar 27, 10 05 52 AM Photo Mar 27, 10 07 21 AM We listen to a lot of Jim Gaffigan in the car which is backfiring as they quote him back at me all morning. “Instead of enjoying this moment, let’s take pictures!” Photo Mar 27, 1 12 33 PM Photo Mar 27, 1 51 08 PM After church we headed home for brunch with Mark’s family, and of course . . . an egg hunt. Photo Mar 27, 3 03 05 PM They take the egg hunt seriously the older they get. Their smack-talk game is REAL. Photo Mar 27, 1 01 30 PM I’m ready for Tea Collection to make this dresses in MY size. Photo Mar 27, 1 38 53 PM We spent the afternoon being lazy and playing charades. It was a nice day. Hope yours was, too!