A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to visit the famed Hilton SanDestin resort on the northwestern shore of Florida.

Confession: I grew up in Florida and have traveled very little in my home state. My family loves to travel, but we just did most of it in different states (or countries.) So I have explored very little of Florida. I’ve always heard how beautiful the beaches are in this part of Florida, so I jumped at the chance. Not to mention, beach vacations are my favorite kind.

Photo Apr 10, 3 00 51 PM

I decided to take Kembe on this trip, because it was his turn in our rotating “Who goes on the next trip with mommy” list. It was the perfect vacation to do with him, because he’s a beach-lover as well. (And, hands-down, my easiest kid to travel with. He’s laid-back, flexible, positive, independent, and an adventurous eater. A great travel buddy.)

Photo Apr 11, 1 07 35 PM

The resort is right on the water. We got in late a night and it was so amazing to wake up to a breathtaking ocean view from my bed.

Photo Apr 10, 10 35 28 AM

Speaking of beds, the Hilton is definitely a family-focused resort, and our room had a little alcove with bunk beds! He loved sleeping in there.

Photo Apr 09, 11 11 43 PM

The white sandy beaches of Sandestin definitely lived up to their reputation. It was absolutely gorgeous. We spent most of our days right by the water. I caught up on some reading and Kembe swam with new-found buddies and played in the sand.

Photo Apr 11, 11 35 30 AM
Photo Apr 10, 12 03 56 PM

The Hilton Sandestin is a great destination for older kids because they can feel really independent. Kembe loved making friends and running around the resort, getting treats and swimming to his heart’s content.

Photo Apr 11, 1 26 09 PM

Another great feature is the kid’s club. They offer a great program for kids if parents want a little time off to hit the spa (or the town at night.) They’ve got crafts and video games, and Kembe did not want to leave when I came to fetch him.

Photo Apr 11, 7 11 25 AM
Photo Apr 11, 7 15 27 AM

I decided to use my free time for a bit of a spa day. The spa there is amazing, and you could definitely linger there all day, between the relaxation rooms, hot tubs and saunas, and aromatherapy showers.

Photo Apr 11, 7 40 21 AM

This was a great get-away for Kembe and I, and I am definitely looking forward to returning with the whole family.