I am typically the kind of mom who lets her children dress themselves. In fact, I have a whole instagram account about it. I value self-expression over perfection, and while their outfits are sometimes eyesores, I think it’s important to let kids feel some agency in what they wear. Even if it’s mismatched. There are a couple exceptions to this rule, namely our annual Christmas photo and Easter Sunday. In these scenarios, I morph like Jeckyl and Hyde from the laid-back mom who lets her kids wear whatever craziness they choose to some kind of Stepford wife who demnads perfectly coordinated sibling ensembles. I only really do this twice a year, so I figure my children can endure it. I love shopping for Easter ensembles for my kids. I like them to be coordinated but not too matchy-matchy. And because I know I will be taking photos, I like there to be a variety of colors and textures. I’m also a big fan of Tea Collection, and I discovered something really fun when I visited their site to shop for our Easter digs this year. They’ve got a new feature called the Sibling Shop that shows their outfits that go best together. You can shop by age and gender of your children, and they will show cute pairings that match. For example, if you’ve got a boy, a girl, and a baby girl: tea collection sibling shop 2 I love this set for a brother and sister: tea collection sibling shop After Easter Sunday, I will post what I picked for my own crew. Tea Collection is offering my readers a 15% discount from now until May 1st. Use the code RAGEAGAINSTTHEMINIVAN15.