I love using a photo of my kids in their classroom Valentines. Class Valentines are sort of the kid-version of Christmas cards. I think it makes a nice keepsake for our own scrapbooks but I also like putting a face with their name. In previous years I’ve done some simple home-made photo valentines using a photo and a lollipop. This year, however, between our home remodel and other assort chaos, I just don’t have the time. So I turned to Minted. Minted is an amazing company because they support independent artists who design all of their cards. They got an adorable new line of mini-Valentines meant to be passed out in class. I let the kids choose their own. Photo Jan 30, 12 12 16 PM (1) India when with a pink card with embossed gold writing. Photo Jan 30, 12 11 33 PM (1) Karis liked this simple hear design since she was wearing a heart in her photo. Photo Jan 30, 12 05 32 PM (1) Kmebe liked this pirate card, and Jafta went with a rockstar backstage pass. Photo Jan 30, 12 04 44 PM (1) You can check out Minted’s line of classroom valentines and matching stickers here. Order by February 4th to have them delivered by February 11th.