Last month, The Moms reach out to me to see if I wanted to join them on a mom’s get-away trip to Tulum, Mexico. The trip was a visit to the all-inclusive Dreams Resort in Tulum. I had previously visited a Dreams resort in Costa Rica with Jafta, and I was really impressed with the hotel and all of the amenities. It was easy to say yes.And it didn’t hurt that my friend Sarah James was also going, and it was her birthday weekend. Moms get away, indeed! I had never been to Tulum, but always heard about how beautiful it was. And truly, it is a gorgeous place. Pristine white beaches and gorgeous blue water… It looked like a postcard come to life. Photo Nov 08, 7 02 44 AM Photo Nov 06, 8 28 45 AM The resort was incredible. Everything you could imagine is included. This is the fresh smoothie bar just steps from the sand. Photo Nov 08, 8 29 52 AM And the food? So good, Photo Nov 06, 11 14 54 AM The grounds of the hotel are breathtaking. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Photo Nov 06, 6 30 42 AM Photo Nov 06, 6 25 20 AM Photo Nov 06, 6 23 30 AM Photo Nov 06, 6 22 37 AM Photo Nov 06, 5 09 11 AM The resort offers a ton of activities from salsa-dancing lessons to water aerobics, but Sarah and I were really focused on “lazing.” So much lazing. In a lounge chair . . . Photo Nov 06, 10 19 17 AM In a hammock . . . Photo Nov 06, 10 06 07 AM In a bed on the beach. THIS IS A THING. Photo Nov 08, 7 04 43 AM It was a perfect beach vacation. A shout-out to The Moms for planning such a fun trip. Photo Nov 07, 6 11 52 PM