Our home remodeling process has been slow-going. A combination of unforeseen foundation issues, budgeting issues, travel, and time constraints has meant we’ve sort of stalled out. Oh, and we had to fire our contractor and redo about half of his work. So that was fun. For the past four months our family of 6 has shared one bathroom, while our master bath was a torn-up mess. For about 2 months the whole room was gutted back to the studs with nothing but tarpaper separating the room from the exterior stucco. Well, I am happy to say the room is finally finished. Unfortunately I didn’t take adequate before pictures. But here is what it looked like mid-project when we had tar-paper walls and basically a ditch running through the bathroom: Photo Nov 04, 3 17 29 PM And he’s what it looks like now: Photo Oct 04, 4 04 00 PM Photo Oct 04, 4 03 31 PM Photo Oct 04, 3 58 32 PM I designed the bathroom myself by measuring the room, and then finding a tub and shower that could fit in our space. I’ve talked often about my addiction to Amazon Prime, and this bathroom remodel is no exception. Over half of the items in the bathroom were purchased from Amazon. You can buy everything and the kitchen sink on Amazon. In fact, I BOUGHT MY KITCHEN SINK ON AMAZON. I basically pulled this remodel off without leaving my house. Here’s a list of materials:

I was able to find some really great deals on the materials. I used just a small row of the mosaic which adds a pop of color and a custom feel without breaking the bank. The rest of the shower was done in a very simple and inexpensive subway tile, stacked vertically. Photo Oct 04, 3 56 31 PM I had several contractors and “bathroom specialists” come and give me bids for the bathroom but their prices were astronomical. In addition, most of them wanted to use materials from their own showroom, and they didn’t trust that I didn’t need their design input and wanted to buy my own materials. I had a vision in mind, and just needed someone to carry it out. I got an email from a new online site called Serviz, which is basically like the Uber of home repair. You can hire someone from their site for specific jobs and enter the time and pricing upfront. I made an appointment with a plumber and he came out and gave me an estimate of the hours the job would take. No upselling, no paying a middle-man, just an easy transaction. And he ended up completely the bathroom for about 1/4 of the price that contractors were bidding me. I appreciated how straight-forward it was to hire construction help through Serviz and have used them several times since on other projects. (Full disclosure: Serviz gave me a hook-up on cleaning some rugs in my home but this is not a sponsored post and I paid for the bathroom remodel myself because I really did love the service.) IMG_4015 And now, we finally have our own bathroom. And no longer have to share a bathroom with our kids! Photo Oct 04, 9 37 03 AM Well, something like that.