Evangelical Christian groups are breaking with GOP candidates over the anti-refugee fervor sparked by the Paris attacks last week. After reports that a Syrian migrant may have been one of those responsible for the attacks, 27 U.S. Governors have said they would turn away Syrian refugees, presidential candidate Governor Chris Christie said the United States should bar Syrian orphaned toddlers, and Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz are among those outspoken in the anti-Christian message… “A push by Republican presidential candidates to ban Syrian refugees ‘does not reflect what we’ve been hearing from our constituencies, which are evangelical churches across the country,’ said Jenny Yang, vice president for advocacy at World Relief, an evangelical organization that helps resettle refugees. ‘Most of the people have been saying we want to continue to work with refugees, that what happened in Paris … doesn’t reflect who refugees are.’ “


Travel and food writer, Marocmama, talks about her heartbreaking experiences meeting Syrian refugees in Istanbul while also cleansing her soul of the numbness we have all grown accustom to by connecting with refugees and witnessing the blending of cultures and religions in the Turkish city…”Not a day passed during my stay when I didn’t have an experience that challenged me. When we sat, sipping lemony, lentil soup a dirty faced boy appeared with a crust of bread. He never said a word, just stood slightly away from our table and watched. I put all my change in his hand and whispered a prayer. A piece of my heart went with him, he could have been my son.”

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Republicans and GOP presidential candidates are alienating their evangelical Christian base by going against what the Good Book has to say about refugees… “Throughout the Gospels, Jesus taught his followers to love their enemies (Matthew 5:43-44), welcome strangers (Matthew 25:40), and show mercy to those in need (Luke 10:25-37). No doubt these teachings apply to families on the run from Isis.”


In the wake of over half of United States Governors telling President Obama that they would refuse Syrian refugees entry into their state, it’s important to remember that, number one, state governors can’t dictate foreign policy and number two, the United States has been down this road before and unfortunately was on the wrong side of history when denying Jewish refugees seeking a way out of the Nazi occupation, including one we all feel we knew so well – Anne Frank. 

MODERN LOVE: BEYOND YEARS (Animation by Freddy Arenas)

Tim and Sarah McEown never saw their 22-year age difference as an obstacle in their relationship, until Tim had a heart attack.

Amber Scorah, who lost her 3 month old son, Karl, the first few hours he was in daycare and her first day back at work from maternity leave, asks the question…’Why, why does a parent in this country have to sacrifice her job, her ability to provide her child with proper health care —- or for many worse off than me, enough food to eat — to buy just a few more months to nurture a child past the point of vulnerability?” 

UNFOLLOW: How a prized daughter of the Westboro Baptist Church Came To Question Its Beliefs | newyorker.com, Adrian Chen     (Watch this on The Scene.)
Megan Phelps-Roper, granddaughter of the founder of Westboro Baptist Church, joined Twitter in 2009 to spread the church’s message of hate to the world, but instead found community and an exposure to ideas different from the ones she was taught… “As Phelps-Roper continued to tweet, she developed relationships with more people like Hughes. There was a Jewish marketing consultant in Brooklyn who abhorred Westboro’s tactics but supported the church’s right to express its views. There was a young Australian guy who tweeted political jokes that she and her younger sister Grace found hilarious. ‘It was like I was becoming part of a community,’ Phelps-Roper said. By following her opponents’ feeds, she absorbed their thoughts on the world, learned what food they ate, and saw photographs of their babies. ‘I was beginning to see them as human,’ she said.”

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Los Angeles & OC families have plenty to do with several cool exhibitions currently running at several local museums. The Rain Room at LACMA should be at the top of this list and for older children, In Focus: Daugerreotypes and Ishiuchi Miyako’s thought-provoking Postwar Shadows at The Getty Center and the fall exhibitions at OCMA are some different but fruitful weekend activities. If you are looking for some holiday fun and entertainment, L.A. Zoo Lights is back again, beginning November 27th. At our house, Christmas is coming early with tickets to see Disney on Ice presents Frozen! For some other Christmas classics, there is A Christmas Carol at A Noise Within and South Coast Rep,  and The Nutcracker at Long Beach Ballet and Orange County Festival Ballet. For the little ones, there’s Peter Pan and Tinkerbell: A Pirate Christmas at the Pasadena Playhouse.
New York families are in for a season of treats because Christmas in New York is already in full effect with the Radio City Christmas Spectacular,  the Norwegiean spruce getting prepped for its big tree lighting celebration on December 2nd at Rockefeller Center Plaza, and the holiday markets, fares, and ice rinks are in no short supply.  For an added touch of whimsy, check out the Holiday Train Show at New York Botanical Garden or New York Theatre Ballet presents Keith Michael’s The Nutcracker.