We had a lazy Sunday around here . . . one of those rare days when we had absolutely no commitments . . . no football games, no birthday parties, no where at all to be. So we spent the whole day at home with no agenda. Photo Nov 21, 11 00 14 AM An agenda-free day in our house can be a great thing, or it can go south quick. A lot of it revolves around how much fighting is going on between the kids. Today happened to be one of those days where everyone was cooperate and getting along. The kids were really into games today. Kembe found a chess set from the recesses of the garage and someone was playing with it most of the day. (I had each child take a chess class after school last year so they all know how to play.) Photo Nov 22, 5 09 56 PM Photo Nov 22, 11 41 55 AM We’ve finally got our garage set up as a game room, and they were dipping into the other games as well. Photo Nov 22, 12 06 43 PM Photo Nov 22, 11 49 32 AM Photo Nov 22, 5 10 14 PM It was a nice, mellow day of not really doing anything, and enjoying our downtime. Just what we needed. Photo Nov 22, 1 02 44 PM