This post was written by my husband Mark. Thanks Mark!!

I had a great day with my boys at Knotts Berry Farm last week. Kristen and the girls had another obligation so it worked out to be a wonderful father/son day to play. Jafta is almost 11 and Kembe is 9, so I was ready to really enjoy the park. We’ve been to Knott’s a few other times together as a family and it was a very welcomed treat to experience the Knott’s Merry Farm holiday cheer. The day was a perfectway to begin the holiday season… with the exception of the unseasonable weather … we had a very festive experience. 
It was a hot day in Orange County!
The boys we’re great sports and in great spirits.

As soon as walked in the park, we went right into the arena to watch the Wild West Stunt Show because when you’re Knott’s, that’s what you do. I have always loved the stunt show. It was so fun sitting there with my sons remembering the times that I was a little boy their age watching the same exact show. That began a conversation about what was different between when I was a kid at Knott’s and what it was like now. From there we began to make comparisons of what it was like for them the time they were at Knott’s during a regular day compared to how things are during Knott’s Merry Farm. They began to point out all the creative ways that the park had been transformed into a holiday theme.

Old wagon is the same… Christmas flowers are different.

After the stunt show, we made our way through the old ghost town and notice the way they’ve transformed that area into the Christmas Craft Village. We’re checking out some of the unique crafts that were available for sale, and found ourselves getting mesmerized by some of the artisans. There’s a large area designated for a glassblower who’s actively making beautiful pieces of glassware. It’s an amazing thing to stand there and watch the artist take a small little dab of liquid glass and turn it into the finished piece of glassware.

We’re ready for a change of scenery and some snacks so we walked into Santa’s Christmas Cabin. They had transformed The Wilderness Dance Hall in Ghost Town into Santa’s cabin. We got there at a good time when there was a short line for Santa in a perfect opportunity to get some snacks. The boys were a little apprehensive about saying ‘Hi” to Santa because at 9 and 11 they are almost too cool for it. And my oldest son Jafta decided to test his tween sense of humor on the old chap. Jafta thought it would be a good idea to ask Santa for some high dollar items and see what he would say, so he walked up to Santa and told him he wanted an iPhone 6, a 60″flat screen TV, and $1000. This Santa was really quick I responded in away that startled Jafta. I captured a little bit of it on video as Santa was telling Jafta that his requests were a bit too demanding. Check out his clever response on the video below.

Santa’s Christmas Cabin had some great refreshments. There was a coffee and hot cocoa bar, as well as cookies and milk available for the kids, and wine and craft beers available for parents.

We walked around and rode some roller coasters and classics… The swings, the Calico Mine Ride, Bigfoot Rapids, and the train which had a cool Christmas twist to it (Christmas on Engine 41).
The Calico Mine ride
After some rides we were ready to relax and watch some shows. The boys were ready for a soda and some popcorn so we timed it just right to watch the Christmas show at the Calico Saloon. The slapstick humor was fun to watch with the boys as we enjoyed our little afternoon refreshments.
The Calico Saloon

We made our way over to Camp Snoopy to check out the live show called Christmas Time is Here, Charlie Brown

Leaving Camp Snoopy I was little nervous that the boys might not like the Snoopy Ice Show. I thought that it would be a bummer if we use our time in the park to see this show if they didn’t like it. They said they were open a checking it out so we went in and claimed some seats. The time passed pretty quickly as he waited for the show to start in part thanks to the peanut cartoons were playing on large screens on either side of the stage. Once the lights were down in the show began the boys were fascinated. They loved it. I kid you not there were several times they would ooooh and ahhh and start clapping spontaneously when the performers would spin and do lifts.

When the Snoopy Ice Show was over the boys were very happy that they decided to see it and ranked the show as one of the highlights of the day.
We ate our dinner at the Fireman’s BBQ in Ghost Town and while were eating had the opportunity to experience Snow in Ghost Town 

It was a great day. They had a blast.

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