This post was sponsored by the Evangelical Christian Credit Union. The Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) has created a simple movement this holiday season, encouraging people to find the most creative ways to share love with others, $10 at a time. The #GiveTen Generosity campaign is designed to promote a core value of the ECCU: giving. ECCU is a member-owned financial cooperative that uses member deposits to fuel missions around the world, investing profits back into social causes. ECCU is challenging people to spend $10 to do good for someone else. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. You could buy a drink for the person behind you, or donate to a cause you are passionate about. You could buy flowers and give them to a random stranger, or pay for the meal of a person seated nearby. ECCU FB Generosity Campaign GiveTen_Sq 504x504_1 The kids and I decided to take thirty dollars to apply to the #GiveTen challenge. First, we went to dinner at our favorite BBQ place and paid for the meal of a guy standing behind us. He was there grabbing a quick take-out meal and he was very surprised. Photo Nov 24, 5 44 44 PM A couple days later we stopped by a new donut shop in town that sells these incredible beignet-style donuts. There’s really only one thing on the menu, and the line was long, so we bought a couple dozen and then offered them to next few people in line. The kids loved doing this, and the people in line were stoked. Photo Nov 29, 2 51 36 PM Next, we went to a local craft fair, and fed the meters of the cars near our parking spot. We felt like Christmas elves. Photo Nov 29, 3 29 48 PM My kids really loved doing this, and are now asking to do a #giveten every day. Not sure we can afford that, but I definitely want to make it a part of our family culture. Join me in the #GiveTen Generosity Challenge by taking $10 and  spending it in the most direct and creative way to help others. Share your stories of giving on the ECCU Facebook page for a chance to win a $500 check from ECCU to bless their own family or to continue blessing others. You can also follow the #GiveTen hashtag on facebook and twitter to get inspired for ways you can give back.