Dressing up for Halloween is a given when you are a kid, but what about for grown-ups?
In my adult life, I haven’t dressed up for Halloween many times. If there is an occasion that requires it, like a grown-up costume party, I can muster a costume. But if we are just talking a regular Halloween where I am walking the kids around the neighborhood or passing out candy, I don’t usually dress up.
I made an exception two years ago, when I convinced the whole family to wear a costume from the same theme. It was the first and last time that has ever happened, thank you Star Wars. Usually, their costume choices are very individual, and no one is thrilled to be matching.

I did dress up for Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland this year, because India had decided to be a hippie and I thought that was an easy costume to match. However, midway through the night India disclosed that she was not super thrilled that I had “copied her costume.” She has since requested that I not to dress up in a similar costume on Halloween. Ouch. But I can respect that.

So, I probably won’t be dressing up this Halloween, since apparently we are out of the very brief stage where it was cool to have matching costumes with a family member.

How about you? Are you dressing up? What are you going as?