Women, and men for that matter, can have very strong opinions about shaving. What to shave. When to shave. How far up to shave. Waxing vs. razors.

Some people are year-round shavers. Some are seasonal.


I actually shave every single day. No matter what. For me it’s not a vanity thing. It’s a sensory thing. I don’t like the feeling of my legs touching stubble. Prickly hair against my jeans? No thank you. It makes me feel gross. Doesn’t even matter where I am or what I’m doing. Camping, in the depths of Africa – I will shave every single day. I’m weird like that.

I use a regular razor. (This one, to be specific.) I shave with shower gel. (This stuff, you guys. The best. Smells so good.) And I only shave to about mid-thigh. (I use this guy for, ahem, other areas. But that’s a whole ‘nother conversation.)

What about you? How often do you shave? What do you use? Do you stop at the knee or above?