This post is sponsored by Butterfleye Camera. When my kids were small, I had the hardest time finding the right product for remotely supervising them. I wanted something that would allow me to peek in on them in their cribs without opening the door and waking them up. I wanted something that could help me watch to see if they were jumping out of their toddler beds at night once we made that switch. I wanted something that would allow me to watch them playing in the playroom while I was making dinner in the kitchen.  I tried some video baby monitors, but the camera lens only showed a very small area, and the picture quality was terrible. Not to mention, they were incredibly expensive. I finally settled on a home security system that was meant for watching the front door. It was unsightly and clunky, but it did the job, and gave me a great view of the kids from another room. But I couldn’t help thinking it was ridiculous that there wasn’t something a little more parent – friendly. BF-Sleeping-Baby (1) There is a new product on the market that is ideal for allowing parents to monitor their kids from afar. It’s called Butterflye, and it is a small camera that parents can access from their mobile phones. It is completely wireless, and can be used even when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. The Butterflye camera allows parents to check in when they are out of town, at work, or on a date night. It is a great accountability system for babysitters, knowing that the parents can check in on the kids at any time. It is also great for home use. You can place it next to the crib, or in the playroom, and keep tabs on your kids from another room. DSC_5034 Butterfleye Camera is available to preorder for a limited time on Indiegogo.