This post is sponsored by GoGo squeeZ My sister and her family are in town for a week, and so we are doing the obligatory “act like tourists in our own hometown” thing. We’ve been to the beach, In and Out, and today we took a drive up to LA to visit The Grove, an outdoor shopping mecca. Photo Aug 06, 2 42 31 PM GoGo squeeZ was hosting an event there so we popped in to let the kids experience their Goodness Machine. Specially designed by a NASA engineer, the Goodness Machine is a giant “pouch” that launches a GoGo squeeZ pouch from the top of the machine after kids press a button. The applesauce then glides down on a parachute. Photo Aug 06, 12 44 04 PM Photo Aug 06, 12 43 57 PM Photo Aug 06, 12 44 08 PM Photo Aug 06, 12 44 10 PM Photo Aug 06, 12 44 13 PM  The Goodness Machine is equipped with multiple-view camera so parents can capture their children’s excitement and share it on social media. Here’s a clip of my own kids (and their cousins) catching the GoGo squeeZ.

  After the fight-to-the-floor all-skate round, we had each kid go by themselves. Photo Aug 06, 12 45 07 PM Applesauce for everyone! Photo Aug 06, 12 47 31 PM Photo Aug 06, 12 40 25 PM After we had caught and consumed our applesauce, we headed over to the famed Farmer’s Market, where there is food of every culture and persuasion. Jafta got Brazilian BBQ: bacon-wrapped chicken, catfish stew, lamb leg, plantains, and yucca. My girls at plain pasta, no sauce. They could not be more opposite. Photo Aug 06, 1 27 02 PM Then we hopped over to Dylan’s Candy where my kids got $40 (YES FORTY DOLLARS) worth of candy. I am a sucker. Pun intended. Photo Aug 06, 2 00 43 PM We rode around on the trolley, bought some books, and strolled through the shops. And on the way home, I stopped to pick up a bed laying on the side of the road. Photo Aug 06, 4 15 26 PM You know . . . just a typical tourist day in LA. But for real, that will look cute painted pink. At least I hope it will.