We’d all like to cook perfectly balanced and healthy meals every night for our precious babes. How lovely would that be? But sometimes…it just doesn’t work out. Life can get complicated. Sports practices that run into dinner . . . or a three month stretch of living in a renovation without a kitchen. There are days we can’t keep our kids’ names straight let alone plan and execute some home cooking.

That’s what drive-thrus are for.


It’s hard to imagine a mom who hasn’t ordered some fast food just to sustain life for an evening.

Our go-to fast food is Del Taco because it’s super cheap and less fried than most fast food places. We can feed our entire family for around fifteen bucks. There is one right by our house, they have gluten-free tacos and everyone will eat it – which is its own little miracle.

What place do you look for when dinner is going to be handed to you in a paper sack?

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