On our second day in the Serengeti, we started out with a nature hike. This particular area is full of animals but not many predators or cats, so it was safe. (This would not be the case at our next campsite in the Serengeti, where we weren’t allowed to walk to our tents alone.)  Our guides came along and were great with the kids, helping them identify animal tracks and plants. IMG_9297  We were told we would eat breakfast after the hike, but what we didn’t know is that we would be eating outdoors at the end of the hike. Stumbling upon this tableau was such a treat. Like a pinterest page come to life. IMG_9291 The food on our trip was INSANE. I let them know in advance that I was gluten free and there was gluten-free homemade bread and crepes every morning. I’m still marveling at all the chef did out in the bush with no electricity or running water. IMG_9305  IMG_9306 After our breakfast we headed back to camp for a bit, and then it was off to the village for the kids to meet their penpals. (I wrote about that here.) We also spent some time with the local schoolchildren. My kids had fun playing music for them. Several children in Tanzania are now fans of Bruno Mars. IMG_9317  Soccer (or should I say football) . . . it’s the international language of kids. These teenage warriors-in-training may look imposing but they were all smiles when the soccer ball was put into play. IMG_9371 After our morning in the village, we went back to camp where a local storyteller gave us a visit. She told us some traditional tales and then we all tried to guess at the hidden meaning in the story. We were usually wrong. IMG_9384  IMG_9387  Then some Massai warriors came to demonstrate their traditional jumping. (I wrote about that here.) IMG_9408 After that, surprise surprise . . . more soccer.   IMG_9440 Then some lessons in shooting arrows. (Every boy in this house now wants a bow and arrow for Christmas.)  IMG_9430  And then dinner and bed. Our tents were cozy but this evening the wildabeest were out in full force, grunting right outside of our tent as we fell asleep. IMG_9555