We’ve spent the past week in Tanzania on a family expedition with National Geographic. I’ve got so many stories and photos to share, but first we have a long journey home. In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite pictures of the trip, from an afternoon we spent with a group of Massai people. IMG_9407 Massai warriors are known for their incredible jumping skills. It is something they have a lot of pride in, and a group came and demonstrated their jumping for us. IMG_9415 It really was incredible to watch. Sometimes it looked as if they were levitating in thin air. Then they invited our kids to give it a try. IMG_9404  Almost exactly the same, Kembe!IMG_9405   And now Karis . . .IMG_9410 The Massai men were rather serious as they showed their jumping, so it was fun watching them try to stifle their giggles as my kids jumped.  IMG_9411  My boys were totally fascinated by the Massai warriors and I suspect my boys will be demonstrating their Massai jumping to all the neighbor kids when we get home. More photos of our trip to come!