This post is sponsored by Charmin. When I heard that there was an annual competition that involves making wedding dresses out of toilet paper, I assumed it would be a hilarious collection of awful swathing of toilet paper, much like the dresses I’d seen made at wedding showers. Remember that game? Break into groups and design a wedding dress from toilet paper? The results were never pretty. But this . . . this was a whole different thing. The 2015 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest & Fashion Show is serious business. As serious as toilet-paper clothing can be. It is operated through, a budget website for brides to be. Each year the competition has gotten bigger and bigger, culminating in a fashion show between the finalists that happened this year on June 17th. Dresses were made using as little as 8 and as many as 74 rolls of Charmin toilet paper. Nearly 1,500 dresses were entered this year and designers were required to construct their wedding dresses only out of Charmin toilet paper, tape, glue and/or needle and thread. Charmin’s softness and strength makes it the perfect material for a wedding gown.Contestants came from all different backgrounds and occupations, including an interior designer, a teacher, and a former second runner up to Miss America. There were ten designers in all, each vying for the grand prize of $10,000 and a chance to have their dress made into a ready-to-wear dress that would be sold at Kleinfeld Bridal. Let’s look at some of the results: 11th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest This is my favorite. I love how the singed edges make it look like real rose petals. And the detail on the bodice . . . I would never have believed this was made of toilet paper. Charmin/Cheap Chic Weddings This off-the-shoulder dress by Frank Cazares included a pink ribbon as a tribute to breast cancer survivors. 11th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest This dress used the most amount of rolls of Charmin (74) including one vintage roll of pink. 11th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest If I walked into this runway show without a tipoff, I don’t think I would have guessed any of these to be made of toilet paper. 11th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest The three finalists, Carol Touchstone, Donna Pope Vincler, and Mimoza Haska, who won the grand prize in 2013. Charmin/Cheap Chic Weddings The final winner of the contest was a tuxedo-inspired dress by Miss Mississippi Donna Vincler. 11th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest For the first time, the winning wedding dress design will be turned into a ready-to-wear design by a Kleinfeld Bridal designer. And I’m pretty sure they will translate the idea into regular fabric . . . though I would personally say yes to any of these dresses. [Photo credit: Amy Sussman/AP Images for Charmin]