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This post was sponsored by Blue Apron

Cooking fresh meals has definitely not been a priority in the middle of our remodel. In fact, it really hasn’t been feasible at all. We are still waiting on kitchen countertops, which means that we are missing a sink and dishwasher. As a result, we have been eating out or getting take out most nights. It’s funny how something that always seems like a treat can become so old so quickly. Even India, the queen of chicken nuggets, complained about it the other night. “Mom, will we ever have a homemade meal again?” Ugh. If only.

We broke our two month spell of fast food with some Blue Apron meals this week, and it was the perfect antidote. Blue apron is a food delivery service that allows you to create restaurant quality meals at home. It delivers all of the farm fresh ingredients you need in exactly the right proportions. No measuring, and no trip to the grocery store. They have a new family plan that is perfect for families.

The first meal we tried was hoisin-glazed chicken meatballs with zucchini and brown rice.

Photo Jun 18, 5 23 00 PM

Jafta helped me from the meatballs. He said it felt like brains, but man did the ginger, garlic, and onions smell good.

Photo Jun 18, 5 53 28 PM

The meatballs were a hit, and my children were fighting over them and rationing them out, splitting the last one into fourths so everyone could have one last bite.

Photo Jun 18, 6 35 22 PM

This week we also did seared steak and mashed potatoes with sautéed radishes and snap peas.

Photo Jun 18, 5 24 36 PM

This time I had Kembe helping out in the kitchen.

Photo Jun 18, 6 13 47 PM

Oh my word. This one was insanely good. Felt like a meal at a five-star restaurant.

Photo Jun 18, 6 38 30 PM

What I love about Blue Apron is that I feel like I am making meals that I would never have the skill or creativity to pull off on my own. Everything is fresh and sourced from quality suppliers, and the meals are between 500 to 700 calories per person. The ingredients are fresh and sourced from quality suppliers. They take about 40 minutes to prepare, and every time I make a meal from them, I feel like my skills in the kitchen improve, as does my confidence.

Photo Jun 18, 5 33 04 PM

You can also check out their website for tons of recipes that you can try on your own, like Beluga Lentil & Asparagus Salad or Piri-Piri Chicken with Coconut-Smashed Plantains.
If you would like to try Blue Apron for your self, they are offering the first 50 readers two meals off of their first blue apron order for free. Click here to try it.