This post is sponsored by Prescribe Nutrition In the past couple of years I’ve had more and more friends dealing with health issues, fatigue, and insomnia, who have made an overhaul to their diet with great success. This has been true for me as well, though I have to admit that despite knowing the different healthy eating makes, it’s not always easy to stick to it. A new service called Prescribe Nutrition seeks to bridge that gap for busy people who need a little help and accountability. I recently did an interview with Katie Jasper, one of the co-founders, and it inspired me so much that I decided to sign up for their next challenge starting July 12th. Wanna join me? Read on for details and a discount code.   Tell me a little bit about Prescribe Nutrition and how it came to be. Did you have a background in nutrition? What led you to this? Prescribe Nutrition was quite a serendipitous collaboration between myself and partner, Megan. Our passion for nutrition and food was as a result of our own health struggles. We knew what it felt like to feel less than optimal and weren’t willing accept it. We knew there must be a better way. Megan and I both studied nutrition as a way to heal our own bodies, and from that we felt our next role was to share it with others. We both ran private practices, and we found that we continued to have the same conversation with our clients. Whether it was digestion, skin, headaches, low energy, sleep issues or hormones, the first step to better health started with food. Clearing out the clutter, understanding how food plays a role in our bodies and then starting to connect the dots on a personal level. We knew that we could, and should, bring this to the masses. In January 2013, we kicked off our first whole food based nutrition program and, well, it was a hit. What we originally could only provide in one-hour increments, we could now provide with constant support for a full 20 days. Recipes, resources, videos, daily emails, inspiration and a discussion board to answer health and nutrition questions so many people have. Megan(L)Katie(R) What is the vision of the company? Tell me about some of the goals you have in mind for the next few years, and what you hope you can inspire in others. Our vision is big. Since 2013 we’ve run 36 programs that have reached individuals in 19 countries. We want to take that and continue to expand our reach. Bottom line: everyone deserves to feel there best best. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we do know this: “the more alive your foods are, the more alive you’ll feel.” The results we’ve seen with our participants has been astounding. Some of our favorite testimonials live here, but one participant’s words sticks out quite a bit for us. It’s really the ultimate goal achieved.

I’m astonished really. I just wanted a fresh start and hoped this reset would help. I had NO idea that I would feel better than I can remember. I have energy. I have so much more patience with my children. I have a much more optimistic outlook and have felt so much calmer about things that would usually cause me anxiety. This is the best money I’ve spent and I am so grateful to you. I can’t thank you enough. – Alice

Beyond that, our motto: Nutrition For Real Life drives the bus (or hey, the mini van in this case). We aren’t about perfection, we’re about making it work, upgrading where you can, feeling the shifts incrementally, realizing that there will always be steps backwards, but once you know how good you can feel, it just keeps getting easier and easier! Why is this important to you? Can you speak some from your own life and your personal journey finding health and balance? To be quite blunt, we’re tired of everyone not feeling good about themselves. Life is too short for us all not to feel our best, but sometimes taking care of ourselves gets pushed to the wayside. No matter where you are at with your health, self love is numero uno. We all deserve to feel good. So helping people do just that has become our top priority. As I referenced above, we’ve been there, and frankly it’s exhausting. Megan and I both struggled with our relationships with food. We’ve both dealt with major weight fluctuations. Megan dealt with chronic digestives problems and I with migraines and hormonal imbalance. The bandaid approach just wasn’t working for us. We used ourselves as a tool for learning. There is nothing like applying your own study and living it. Once you empower yourself to make changes that actually last – it’s something you’d let go of. Know this though – we’ll always be the first to say that life can and should include having fun and indulgences. What a boring world without them! You won’t find us preaching any diet, that one way is best or that you can never again have wine with your friends or dessert at celebrations. It’s all about balance, and we aim to live that! OAT FLAX MUFFINS  TEMPEH CURRY Tell me about “no more tired & wired” . . . what does that mean? How do you think this relates to moms? Oh “tired and wired”… it’s probably the most common complaint we get with clients and participants. I think it translates best as: low energy yet restless – all due to the high demands of life. Feeling tired can get in the way of so much, and what we’ve come to realize is that more often than not, people just accept it. They are tired, everyone around them is tired… tired is just a way of life these days. Well, we are here to push back on that. Hooray. Can food and nutrition completely eliminate that “tired & wired” feeling? Not always, but it’s the foundation. Think of what we put IN our bodies as fuel for the day (just like car, a mini van). If what we eat is mostly made up of packaged, processed, chemical laden foods, then we aren’t going to actually be able to fuel ourselves. We’ve taken for granted how resilient we are, but the truth is: we weren’t designed to take in the kinds of foods we eat now and truly thrive. Prescribe Balance helps those tired and wired moms (but not limited to), begin to connect the dots, create new habits, find short cuts to navigating busy lives all while upgrading how they eat. Beyond that we dive into the physiology of the whole “stress response” to help further connect the dots. Hormones play a huge role here, and in order to understand why your body is acting all cray, you have to understand what’s going on inside! We believe that understanding the why is what cements long term changes. For people who are interested in what you have to offer, what’s the best way to get involved? How does one start? We’d love nothing more than to have a huge community of Rage Against the Mini Van readers join us for Prescribe Balance. It’s starts July 12th (just to catch you after the holiday weekend) Use the code RATMV for 20% off. That’s less than $8 a day for non stop nutrition and health support for 20 + days. It’s also the average cost of a one hour consultation with a nutritionist, but you get 480 hours of access. It’s the best! Materials for the program go out the Friday prior to kick off, along with our discussion board that opens up to ask our team questions, get you geared up and able to meet others across the world who are in this WITH you.