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We are officially moved into our house this week. Well, as officially as we can be for the moment. I suppose it counts that we are sleeping here?

It still feels like we are camping. We are waiting on flooring to be installed, we are waiting for the kitchen to be finished, and we are living with lots and lots of dust. Currently, the floors are covered in a floor-leveling compound that is not meant to be walked on, and our feet pick up a fine dust which is then carried to everything we walk on or sit on. The kitchen still has a lot of sawdust from installing the cabinets, but there are still a few more cabinets we are waiting on. And then there is the layer of drywall dust that is covering everything. Because there are no floors, it feels a bit futile to clean, but we keep trying. We got an industrial-sized bin of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes in just about every room, and we keep wiping and wiping down the surfaces to try to give us some semblance of a clean home. We are mopping the floors on a regular basis (thank you Clorox Ready-Mop and for the tips). But the bottom line is that the surface we are living on was just never intended to be lived on.

Photo May 04, 10 33 53 AM

We’ve attempted to put rugs down but it’s not making that much of a differences. And you can see the boxes of bamboo flooring just waiting to be installed. (Cue track of Someday from West Side Story. “Someday, somewhere! We’ll find a new way of living!” Sigh.
Photo May 04, 10 33 43 AM


The bathroom is the one room in the house that is completely done. Notice I said bathroom, NOT PLURAL. All six of us are sharing a bathroom at the moment, and it’s a little crowded. The current state of the master bath:

Another fun fact is that none of our doors have been installed yet, so there is no door on the bathroom. Or on any of the bedrooms. No privacy for anyone. If you need to do some business in the bathroom, you just have to cross your fingers that no one will come down the hall. Or that at least whoever it is is a family member. And then there is the fact that this is the bathroom that the construction crew has to use as well. Again, thank you Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.

Photo May 04, 10 45 06 AM

Since we don’t have a working kitchen, Mark set up the kitchen station in the garage. It contains a hot plate, a microwave, if you utensils, and a lot of paper plates. It is a comedy of errors in the morning as we all try to prepare breakfast around this folding table. Someday we would look back on this stage fondly, right? Because right now I’m not laughing.

Photo May 04, 10 29 14 AM

We are leaving for a family trip to Disney World next week and it cannot come soon enough. I am so excited to stay in a hotel where there is betting and flooring and a lack of dust covering everything. We are hoping the floors will be installed in about two weeks, and I cannot wait to give the house a good scrub-down. A floor that doesn’t leave tracks after I walk on it? What a luxury.

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