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Due to a confluence of house issues, travel, and work commitments, the day that we had free to actually move all of our belongings into the new house was Sunday, April 26th.

Guess what else was that day?

Karis’s birthday. And between the Mom 2.0 conference and our trip to Disney next week, it was also the only weekend day we could throw her a party. So, we moved and threw a party on the same day. We spent the morning packing up boxes. During the party, movers were taking boxes from the bedroom and loading them into the truck, while we left the living room intact. And after the party, everything from the living room was dismantled.

This is the first time I’ve ever sent an evite with an end time. We kept her party to a short and sweet 2 hours, but she didn’t notice and had a great day.

Since things were a little chaotic I really wanted her party to feel special. I let her choose any theme she wanted and she went with Avengers.


My kids are at an age were they really enjoy taking ownership of their own celebrations. She has been making lists and generating ideas for weeks about this party. I let her decorate the table and set the plates all by herself.


Well, okay. India helped.


Karis got a plethora of Avengers toys for her birthday (thank you, Target!) and we let her open them before the party so that they could be used as decorations and props.


She helped me set up the figures and Iron Man gloves by the food station.


We also set out Avengers masks for the party guests.


After trying them out first, of course.


We kept the party really simple. I downloaded some Avengers printables and let the kids color for a


How do you make an Avenger’s party girly? With a makeup station, of course. (Also Karis’s idea).


The kids had some trampoline time and a silly-string war in the backyard. This was my first time trying a silly-string war and I have to say, it was a hit.

I had the kids decorate cupcakes, which was a win-win. I was pressed for time and it gave them another activity to do at the party. And who doesn’t love getting to put as many sprinkles on a cupcake as you want?



The party was short and sweet, but fun. Karis said it was her favorite birthday ever.

And then everyone left, and by the end of the day, the party room looked like this:

Photo Apr 26, 6 36 34 PM

It was a crazy day, but worth the work to make Karis feel honored in the midst of it. And a trip to Disney World this weekend won’t hurt either.

This post is sponsored by Target.