A reader wrote in with this question, and I thought it was a good one. Let’s discuss!

I have a serious, burning question that I need some fellow parenting help with. (Most of my friends are behind in this stage of the game so far!) So if you get writer’s block and need a quick post I’d love to know…
Do you let your kids destroy their toys?
So for example, on one hand… they’re his toys, they’re there to help him learn and grow, let him play/destroy/color/put stickers on them to his heart’s content! Doesn’t matter! It’s just stuff! Who cares?! As long as it’s not hurting anyone!
But on the other…. That was expensive. I know he’ll enjoy it more later if he… i.e., keeps the wheels on the truck. I can’t reuse it for a friend, sibling, etc. if it’s covered in Mickey stickers. I need to teach him to respect his things and how to care for them.
I overthinking this very basic part of childhood? Do I just have a really creative/destructive son? Am I totally just Type A and can’t handle this sort of mayhem?