After about five years of doing a near-full-time job from my sofa, I finally decided to rent an office outside of my house. We don’t have an extra bedroom and so I’ve never had a dedicated space, and it was just time. I need to separate work from home and have dedicated office hours.  (A great post on how and why to do that here.)
A friend of mine just happened to have a small office in his suite that was unused, and so I decided to rent it from him. It’s perfect for what I need, but it was a little bare when I moved in . . . just concrete floors, a desk, and a random Radiohead poster someone had left behind.
And of course the obligatory harsh fluorescent lighting.

IMG_3742  IMG_3744   First, I needed a rug. I wanted something that would make it feel homey, but I also needed a rug to help with the acoustics of the room and absorb sound. I found this fluffy shag with geometric shapes on Birch Lane and fell in love.   Birch-Lane-Evelyn-Shag-Rug-Parchment-and-Putty Immediately, the rug made the room felt softer and less industrial.  Photo Mar 27, 2 38 30 PM   I also wanted a small-scale sofa for seating. I found this mid-century style sofa on Wayfair for under $800 and I love it so much. The fabric is this great textured tweed and it’s structured yet comfortable. I’m so fond of it that I might order one for the house. sofaI also really wanted some good art on the walls, so I turned to Minted, one of my favorite companies. They have photo cards and original art made by independent artists. All of their art can be ordered in the size and frame of your choice. I choose a couple pieces to create a gallery wall. Photo Mar 27, 2 35 17 PM     Photo Mar 27, 2 36 03 PM   I also used Minted to order some photo prints of my kids that Kristin Rogers took last fall. I like having their faces in my office. Photo Mar 27, 2 34 14 PM  Photo Mar 27, 2 36 57 PM   I am loving how my office feels now. I hung a pendant lamp from IKEA and added a couple lamps, so I can avoid using the overhead lighting. It’s cozy and feels like my own space. It’s almost finished but next step is that I’m going to make a couple pillows and some curtains with this fun, funky modern fabric I found at Minted:   Photo Feb 22, 2 11 30 PM   I’m thinking the white/turquoise for curtains and the other two as throw pillows. I will post an update once I have them done!