The remodel is trucking along. We hit some glitches, most significantly discovering, after pulling up carpet, that there were major cracks in the subfloor of the house.  The floors were also really sloped in places. So we spent last week having a crew grind down the high parts and fill in the low parts, to get the floor level enough to float a bamboo flooring over it. We are still slated to move May 1st (we have renters coming into our current house) so getting the floors down is a huge priority.  We can live with the rest of the construction dust, but we can’t move our furniture in without flooring. Fingers crossed, flooring should go in towards the end of this week. We’ve also got big gaping holes in several rooms of the house where old sliders were removed. The new sliders should take another month, so I guess we’ll really be getting that indoor/outdoor feel for a while.  Photo Apr 18, 2 40 31 PM    Let’s hope it doesn’t rain. My task for today is to choose paint colors for the interior of the house, and I’m a little stuck. I’ve always used bright colors on the interior of my houses. Here are some pictures of our current house:
 IMG_1799   In the living room, I used a color called Ground Ginger from Behr. It’s a little yellow, a little khaki, and a little lime, but it’s also very neutral. I used this same color in the living room of our previous house, where we lived for 7 years. So obviously, if I repeated it, I am a fan.  In the kitchen I used Behr’s Refreshing Pool. It’s bright and cheery and I think it offsets the white cabinets well, too. IMG_1777   My favorite paint color in the house is actually in Jafta’s room. I don’t have the name of this color, but it’s a really nice blue.  IMG_1764 I went to the paint store and grabbed samples to put in the new house, and noticed that I kept returning to the same colors as I have in my current house. But then I started to question myself – if I’m just going with what I’m comfortable with, and if I’m unwilling to let go of outdated colors in the same way my mom decorated in peach and dusty blue long after the 80’s. I’m also noticing that most of the rooms I’m drawn to on Pinterest have white walls.   All-white walls definitely seems to be on-trend. So, I don’t want to paint in outdated colors, but at the same time, I don’t want to be a slave to trends over choosing something that I really like.    Found on   A Georgia Home Filled with Love, Art and Plenty of Pets | Design*Sponge Found on   dine colorfully. Found on   I think a part of what appeals to me in these rooms is how bright they feel, and I’m sure the white paint is a factor. But there is still that part of me that thinks white walls are reserved for sterile apartment buildings, and that color is what pushes a room into a more homey feel. What do you think? Should I give white walls a try? And if so, what are the best whites?

Or should I stick with the same colors I’ve been rocking for the last 10 years?