If you are a mom, or spend a lot of time around kids, do you have a favorite age?

I have always loved 5-year-olds. Even before I had kids, it was my favorite age group. I taught the 5-year-old Sunday school class at my church when I was in high school, and during my brief stint as a substitute teacher kindergarten was always my favorite class to get.

I have loved this age with my kids, too. It’s such a sweet age because they are still so cute and cuddly – missing teeth and cute mispronunciations and all. But they are also developing logic and this incredible curiosity about the world. Their personalities and convictions are emerging, and they can engage in conversations and still want to snuggle. It’s the perfect mix of little kid and big kid charms.

Karis is five and she cracks me up every day. Yesterday she drew a microphone on herself because she was giving a concert.

The other day she went to grandmother’s house and decided to take four bags of belongings just because. 

I love her independent spirit and emerging personality. I love seeing her trying out big-kid things but still maintaining that cute innocence. Of course, if you follow my #assholeparent hashtag on instagram, you will note that there are still moments of crazy, illogical defiance.

But even with all the drama, it’s still my favorite age.
What about you? What is your favorite age?