As a blogger, I try to present my best self online. I think it’s common for everyone to do this, not just for bloggers. We are probably all intentional about how we present ourselves on Facebook and Twitter, editing out the photos that are not so flattering, and gleefully posting the ones that make our lives look idyllic.

But behind the highlight reels, many of us are holding back secrets that we don’t tend to share in photos or blog posts. I am about to share one today: I struggle to get dressed in the morning. In fact, on many days you might find me still in my PJs at lunchtime.

I really, really hate that I do this. Which is a bit strange, because if I hate it, why am I doing it? I mean, I suppose there is some payoff. It’s just that I have so much to do any given day, that when I wake up, I want to get cracking at my to do list. Usually, taking a shower and getting dressed are not items that are high on that list. I tends to wake up to a full inbox, and start plowing through it. Then, I usually wants to get up a blog post, or meet some deadline for the day. I often find myself sitting at my desk several hours later, still wearing my pajamas. It’s embarrassing, but it’s true.

My husband often takes the kids to school in the morning, which only enables my behavior. With no one at home, there is really nobody to get dressed for. On the weekends, I usually get dressed because I get tired of the kids making fun of me for still being in my PJs. (Wow, that sounds really pathetic). But on the days that they are all at school, what’s the point? I work at home, and I’m a writer. No one sees me. I’ve got nothing to look professional for. So it’s just so easy to stay in my comfy PJs until I need to go pick up the kids at 3pm. In fact, this is how I look most days when I pick them up, because I’ve freshly showered. Which makes it a bit obvious.

The issue comes, though, when a neighbor wants to pop by unannounced. Or when I get a box from UPS that requires a signature. And suddenly, I realize it’s noon and I’m still in my PJs and I am paralyzed with embarrassment to open the door, and end up ducking from the window and pretending no one is home.

And it’s not just the embarrassing run-ins with other people that makes me want to get dressed earlier. I also think that it can’t be great for my self-esteem to be slogging around in my PJs all day. I do think there is something to be said for getting dressed for the day, and how that can effect your energy and motivation.

So, I have made it a goal this year to try to get dressed by 10 AM. I know that goal probably seems silly to some, but for me it is significant. It allows me to get a little time at my computer, and to feel like I got a little bit done as soon as I woke up. But it’s not so late that I’m still in PJs at lunchtime.

I have had some decent success this year, I must say. A part of my rehabilitation has been deciding on a mom uniform, and not feeling like I have to come up with an outfit each day. I throw on my jeans, I throw on a ribbed tank top and a cardigan, and that’s good enough.

I’m curious to know if there are other mothers who harbor a similar secret. Do you ever struggle to get dressed in the morning? Do you find yourself in PJs at inappropriate times of the day? If so, do you know why? Are you making efforts change, and what have you found to be helpful?