I Could Have A Baby But She Could Not | Blithe, A Blog
You see what I’ve come to understand is that infertility is mostly a silent grief. Just as I had, there are women who have dreamed since they were little girls about having a baby…. and then they have come to the shocking truth their “happily ever after” may never come. Many people don’t discuss their attempts to get pregnant or their inability to conceive. Instead they keep trying over and over, month after month, quietly in sorrow for what they might never have. Hope followed by discouragement. Faith succumbed to fear.

You 2.0 | Robin Sharma’s Blog
For the next 90 days, devote the first 90 minutes of your work day to the one best opportunity in your life. Nothing else. Zero distractions. Just get that project done. Period.

Dream Defenders, Black Lives Matter; Ferguson Reps Take Historic Trip To Palestine – News & Views – EBONY
For Steven Pargett, communications director for Dream Defenders, visiting the Dheisheh Refugee Camp outside of Bethlehem made these connections clearer: “A camp doesn’t have to have a fence with barbed wire all around it in order to be a place where displaced people are struggling to survive.” Pargett said that Black people in the United States are also displaced refugees.

Beyond Carb-Cutting: Resolutions After A Trauma — Sleep, Play, Love | CommonHealth
Last year at this time, my New Year’s resolutions revolved around carbs, and eating fewer of them. This year, carbs are the least of my worries. My resolutions for 2015 are all about trying to let go of any notion of perfection and seek what my mother calls “crumbs of pleasure” — connection, peace and actual joy on the heels of a life-altering tragedy that could easily have pushed me into bed (with lots of comforting carbs) for a long time.

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Why Some Grown Kids Cut Off Their Parents | Next Avenue
A common story among parents who have estranged adult children is how much they had focused on their children, how much they did to make sure their children had all the best advantages, made them the center of the family universe — and often how they treated them more like an equal or an adult than a child. With more permissions, more social pressures and changes to the traditional family structure, I believe the shift in parenting that started back in the ‘40s needs to be examined.

The Hardest Part About Seeing My Sister’s Sonogram | Anna Eldridge
It’s odd to know that the words, “It’s a girl” can mean such sorrow to one person, yet such joy to another. It hit me so strongly that day in the ultrasound room and once again made me wonder about the truth of my abandonment. Did my birthparents know I was a girl ahead of time, or did they get a “surprise” when I was born? How quickly did they decide I couldn’t stay in the family? My mind becomes cluttered with thoughts of who I am versus who I would have been.