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We have tried really hard to avoid being too consumerist over the holidays. We attempt to limit the kids’ toys, and try really hard to focus on experiences over things. For example, this Christmas, a bulk of our children’s presents involve tickets to see some Broadway shows throughout the coming year.

However, there will be some new toys and new clothes under the tree this Christmas. A couple of the kids still have Big Ideas about Santa and have made their requests. Each child has a couple items that they have been asking for all year, and Christmas is also the time that I tend to replenish their wardrobes. Each kid has some new clothing, new shoes, and new pajamas coming, and some toys I won’t mention until they’ve been opened.

One of the rules that we have instituted about getting new things is that when a new item arrives, we pull an old item out and donate it. So, if one of the girls gets a new dress, a dress they no longer wear is put out into our donation box. This holds true for Christmas as well. In the days leading up to Christmas we have a massive clean-out g to make room for any new toys.

My kids are not always keen on giving up their current toys, but in addition to their excitement over receiving something new, we are trying to instill in them a value about donating things that are still in good condition, and that could bless another child. When we are filling our donation box, I really press the kids to consider parting with things that still hold some appeal. It’s not about just getting rid of stuff we don’t want anymore, or things that are in disrepair. It is about making a sacrifice and thinking about our belongings and what things we own that may be passed on to someone else to enjoy.

One of the benefits of donating at Savers is that, in addition to the donations being available for others to buy at a price much lower than retail, donations made at Savers go to benefit the community and support a local nonprofit partner such as Big Brothers Big Sisters or the Epilepsy Foundation.

Tracking PixelThis post is sponsored by Savers.

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