We had a mellow Christmas Eve today. It was the first day in a long time that Mark and I really had no work obligations. December has been a busy month and it was nice to have a day totally focused on holiday and family. And now comes the part where I barrage you with photos from Christmas Eve.  And not just this year!  I have nostalgic and self-indulgent older photos to post, too!  Still here?  And ready to take a stroll down memory lane? For the last fourteem years, we’ve had a Christmas Eve breakfast with the same four couples. It has become a tradition I look forward to every year. festivities.  I am rarely a sentimental person, but looking at these photos over the years always gets me a little misty, both for my own family, and for our friendships. Here we are in 2005, back when the skinny jean sounded like a cruel joke and we were taking pictures with film so we didn’t know if someone had their eyes shut in a photo until we got the roll back from Costco.  It was our first Christmas as parents.  christmas eve 2006 I don’t have a picture of the next year, probably because I had just had India and was getting used to the reality of juggling two very small kids. Fast forward to two years later.  Another kid (but still rocking the low-rise boot cut). And then we began the process of adopting Kembe, and SURPRISE. I was pregnant again. Although obviously I finally invested in a digital camera.  This year was a rough Christmas. It was our 3rd Christmas since starting the process of adopting Kembe and he still wasn’t home. I was a mess. See also: A lot of small children. And finally (and obviously), in 2011 we are thrilled to have our family complete.  I love this picture . . . even though Kembe is wearing the fakest smile ever.  And even though I am wearing the same jacket that I wore in 2006. And a bangs mishap that I’m still trying to grow out. DSC_4175 Two things about the following two pictures: 1) I wore the same outfit two years in a row, 2) I had a hard time figuring out which photo came first. Photo Dec 24, 1 33 01 PM Photo Dec 24, 1 35 32 PM And this year. I feel like they look so much bigger! Photo Dec 24, 10 57 09 AM After our brunch we headed over to the Christmas Eve service at RockHarbor. Candelight and carols. Such a great way to usher in Christmas. Photo Dec 24, 1 29 25 PM Photo Dec 24, 1 29 22 PM Photo Dec 24, 1 29 17 PM After church, we took the kids to choose new bikes – their main gift and something we wanted them to be able to pick themselves. Then we had a lazy evening at home.

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And that’s our Christmas Eve! We can’t wait for tomorrow. The Merriest of days to you and yours.