September was a full month. It started with my trip to Ethiopia with Help One Now, which was a great success. Photo Sep 11, 6 09 37 AM Our team really clicked and I felt great about the organization and their local leadership. But best of all, we met our goal! 300 new sponsors for kids at risk of becoming poverty orphans. We checked our donation page just as we were flying home to learn that we’d met our goal and it was such a good feeling. Thank you to everyone who chose to support a family. You are changing lives. Photo Sep 15, 10 01 51 AM It was so good to get home. I miss my family like crazy when I travel. Of course, I try to make up for it by buying them stuff while I’m gone. Love these traditional dresses on my girls. Photo Sep 16, 5 43 54 PM Photo Sep 16, 8 21 41 PM We made a family outing to see the Sound of Music singalong at the Hollywood Bowl. Photo Sep 20, 5 47 28 PM We had a little picnic beforehand. India picked her own outfit. Photo Sep 20, 5 55 15 PM Photo Sep 20, 6 02 26 PM This was our first time and I can see why it sells out. The crowd was enthused! My favorite part was the whole audience lighting up their cell phone flashlights during Edelweiss and waving them in the air. I think we’ll make it a tradition. Photo Sep 20, 9 06 22 PM Another adventure this month . . . we had our first Beer and Hymns gathering in Orange County. I’ve gotta say, I was crazy nervous about how it would go down. To take it from a little idea in my brain to something I invited people to experience was daunting, and I had no idea who would show up or how it would play out. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. We had a great time on stage and I think everyone who came out had a blast, too. Photo Sep 23, 1 29 14 PM Here’s a little video of the night:   If you are local you need to join us for the next one! (And follow us on facebook and instagram Photo Sep 23, 10 12 39 AM Random interlude of kid pics . . . Photo Sep 23, 11 05 28 PM   Photo Sep 24, 7 18 42 PM This past week we got to attend the opening night of Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland. It was our first time to go to the park during this evening event and it was a lot of fun. Photo Sep 26, 4 59 54 PM  Photo Sep 26, 6 30 44 PM Photo Sep 26, 6 39 36 PM Kids and adults were dressed in costume. India went as Penny from Hairspray, which is her current obsession. She wore her costume at school and none of her classmates recognized who she was, but at the park lots of adults were smitten with her outfit. Photo Sep 26, 7 27 39 AM We had a great nights and stayed out way too late. Disneyland after dark is my favorite. Photo Sep 26, 10 56 11 PM