Today my friend Shaun King put together a chronological account of the eye-witness stories in the murder of Mike Brown. I know that there are some who are confused about the outrage and protests around this case, but I think if you watch this it will give you a better understanding. Note that MOST of these witnesses did not know Mike Brown, which is quite different from the narrative I’ve seen from some suggesting that all of the witnesses are personal friends who are weaving a story.

Regardless of what kind of struggle ensued, no one deserves to be gunned down or left in the street. This is not how citizens in this country should be treated, and these repeated acts of unnecessary violence towards young black men are why we are angry.

Eye-witness accounts of Mike Brown's murder, in chronological order. #Ferguson

EDITED TO ADD: Another important video to watch, that illustrates the overreach of the police and the disconnect between media coverage and reality.