As I’ve been home with my kids this summer, I’ve come to the shocking realization that they are growing up fast. I know. I’m a walking cliché. My speaking schedule requires me to travel a bit, and every time I go somewhere, the kids always seem ridiculously older when I return—even if it’s just been a long weekend. But lately, it seems like they look taller every morning. They get out of bed and have matured overnight.
This makes me wistful, of course. But it also makes me thoughtful. With time flying past us, I keep thinking about the relatively brief time we have together, and how Mark and I have used it. What have we taught them?
Of course, there are the basics like table manners, respect of others, and why you shouldn’t pick your nose in public. But what about the lessons that often go unsaid? The stuff you hope they learn at some point but may never become a spoken conversation topic? How to face life. How to be themselves. How to get through the tough stuff. These lessons are just as important. Maybe more so.
Over at Lifetime Moms I’ve listed a few (or 25) of the things I want my kids to know before they grow up. You can read it here.