Forgiveness is a heavy thing. It’s hard, and yet it’s required. It’s something we do constantly, in big and small ways. We forgive our spouse for hurt feelings. We forgive our kids for acting ungrateful, or lying, or eating our chocolate stash. We forgive our friends for small slights and misunderstandings. We forgive our parents when we are disappointed or feel judged.

I’m pretty good at forgiving the small stuff, but there have definitely been instances where forgiveness has not come easy for me. There are issues in my family of origin that created deep and lasting pain and anxiety . . . it’s hard to let go of that sometimes. And yet, I know that it’s necessary. Holding on to resentment only increases the pain. I’ve tried really hard in my life to make sure that I’m forgiving others. I may adjust my boundaries based on past hurts, but I can also forgive.

I have a hard time with forgiveness, and I’ve lived a life fairly free of trauma or major obstacles. I am always in awe at people who must go to great lengths to find forgiveness for others. Recently I read the story of a mother in Iran who halted the hanging of her son’s murderer and forgave him. It’s a powerful human interest story that tugs at the heartstrings, because there is such beauty in forgiveness. It truly is the way of redemption.

There is a new documentary out that depicts some truly radical acts of forgiveness. It’s called Beyond Right & Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness. A son whose father was killed. A family whose five children were murdered. A Palestinian and an Israeli who learn to see each other as human after losing their daughters. Beyond Right & Wrong shows what happens after the conflict, after the violence, when survivors and perpetrators work together to rebuild their lives. It’s a powerful and inspiring film that everyone should see, especially in light of current world events.

What’s even better about this film is that when you watch, Operation Kids Foundation and Share the Mic will give money to one of the charity partners you choose. You can watch the film here. And please, consider sharing about it as well.  I really think it could make the world a better place.

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