The Way Of The Gun | A Deeper Story

“But, a large piece of the puzzle is the lenient access to firearms and weapons in this country, and that’s something that we can act on NOW. My husband and I are gun owners and we are American citizens. I believe it is both mine and your constitutional right to own a firearm. I really believe that – I’m conservative in that regard. However, as followers of Jesus, we should not be waving the banners of the NRA and marching under the calls for the protection of the Second Amendment. As followers of Jesus, we need to be willing to lock down access to guns so it’s near air-tight. As followers of Jesus, we even need to be willing to lay down that Constitutional right if it means it could help keep kids from getting shot in classrooms. Our first allegiance is to the upside-down ways of God’s Kingdom.”

Justice: On Listening And Believing | Mihee Kimkort

“We can talk all day about problems like sex trafficking, genocide, or violence against women around the world, but it takes something different to shut up and listen when those stories are being told about us. Justice looks like believing the truths people tell us about their lives and not jumping in to fix them.”

Father’s Daze: 13 Dads Reveal Their Struggle | How To Be A Dad

“There is no formula for balancing work and fatherhood. Every moment is a conscious decision. Every priority is a judgement call, and you have to weigh the cost and benefit of every work request, along with every parenting moment as it comes. That’s the only way you know if you are making the best decision for your family. Sometimes that business trip will lead to bigger and better things (i.e. more money for ballet lessons), but sometimes that recital will be the one thing you will regret missing when she’s too big to care about tutus. You need to assess and reassess this every time. There are no absolutes. Only the Sith deal in absolutes.”

Does The Internet Hate Women? | The Moth

“The internet hates women. And I recognize there are probably those out there who think that’s an incredibly broad brush to paint the internet with, but let me put it this way, if you could look into someone’s brain the way you search the internet. And the internet was a dude, that dude has a problem with women.”

Loving Their Bodies Again | Superstar Magazine

s”This tattoo artist named Vinnie Myers who has a parlour in Finksburg, Md. has become a celebrity amongst the breast cancer survivors, and for the right reasons. He gives women back their bodies they loved before they had breast cancer. His special nipple designs are bringing him clients from all over the world.”