wild goose I’m really excited to announce that I will be speaking at Wild Goose this year. It’s an event I’ve always heard about and long wanted to attend. It’s hard to explain exactly what it is, but many describe it as a kind of Burning Man meets Woodstock meets spiritual retreat. There is a huge emphasis on social justice, and it seems to attract a diverse crowd of progressive Christians. It’s very inclusive . . . people of all races, denominations, and sexual orientations are welcome, and diversity is a huge part of the conversation at Wild Goose. I will be speaking on white privilege, which is a topic I’ve been speaking on for years in my classes at Vanguard University. I’m excited to move that conversation out of the classroom and into a different venue. I’m also really looking forward to hearing some of my favorite authors, like Brian McLaren, Jim Wallis, Frank Schaeffer, and Romal Tune. Wild Goose is also very family-friendly. I’m bringing my whole family to this one, and I’m excited for my kids to experience it as well. Will I see any of you there?