I Regret To Inform You That My Wedding To Captain Von Trapp Has Been Canceled. | McSweeney’s Internet Tendency I must confess to being rather blindsided by the end of our relationship. It seems Captain Von Trapp and I misunderstood each other. I assumed he was looking for a wife of taste and sophistication, who was a dead ringer for Tippi Hedren; instead he wanted to marry a curtain-wearing religious fanatic who shouts every word she says. An Adoptee Confession | Lost Daughters
“There is an aspect of my guilt that seems to be adoptee-specific. Adoptees are only allowed one official emotion in relation to our adoptive parents, and that is gratitude. I want to emphasize that this is certainly not something that my parents ever told me, but I got the message anyway from the broader culture. Adoptees receive that message in countless ways throughout our lives — sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.”

via The EveryGirl Can You Have A Church Without A Prison Ministry? | The American Jesus
“Sure, most of our churches aren’t down the street from the state penitentiary, but I’m willing to bet there’s a jail within driving distance that, if we really wanted to, we could put together a group and go visit. But I guess that’s the real catch in all of this. Do we really want to serve people behind bars? Are we really willing to count them, like Jesus did, among the least of these and extend them grace?” A Manifesto Against The Tyranny Of Luxury Kitchens. | Victoria Elizabeth Barnes You used to have to subscribe to Town & Country or Architectural Digest if you wanted to feel bad about your house… But then the internet came along—eradicating every shred of reality and replacing it with Christopher Peacock. Now you can discover for FREE, any time of day or night, that your kitchen, your bathroom, your entire house… actually, your whole life is so subpar that it’s amazing you haven’t flat out died.

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Portrait of an Anxiety Spiral | The 818
“It always anchors in my self-esteem. I am stupid. I am lazy. I am fat. I am ugly. I am boring. I am annoying. I am obnoxious. I am ruining all our lives. I can not get my shit together. I think it, and then I silently yell at myself for thinking it, and now I’m having a fight with my own inner voice and it’s so loud I have to close my eyes.” An Open Letter To Privileged People Who Play Devil’s Advocate | Femenisting It is physically and emotionally draining to be called upon to prove that these systems of power exist. For many of us, just struggling against them is enough — now you want us to break them down for you? Imagine having weights tied to your feet and a gag around your mouth, and then being asked to explain why you think you are at an unfair disadvantage. Imagine watching a video where a young man promises to kill women who chose not to sleep with him and then being forced to engage with the idea that maybe you are just a hysterical feminist seeing misogyny where there is none. It is incredibly painful to feel that in order for you to care about my safety, I have to win this verbal contest you have constructed “for fun.”