Photo Jan 31, 6 06 48 PM I cannot even count how many people have told me what a brilliant show The Walking Dead is over the past few years. And it seems like every time it is on, twitter and facebook lights up with people talking about it. Some of the people whose opinion I most trust have insisted I need to watch it, and my first question is always, “Isn’t it a bit scary?”  And everyone assures me . . . No! It’s not that scary! It’s a plot-driven show! image Well I’m calling shenanigans. Mark and I finally decided to give it a try and we got about 15 minutes in before giving up. That crap is SCARY!! First of all, the opening scene with the little girl? HELLO. But what finally did us in was when he came upon that lady zombie lying on the ground. (I’m not even posting a photo of her because I found this so terrifying, but a picture of her is here.) That’s when we were both like NO. Too scary. Do not want. I’m sincere in asking . . . how do you guys watch stuff like this? That image is stuck in my brain. I can’t imagine watching week after week of half-dead corpses walking around. I could barely make it through Dexter. Do you just get used to it? Do you actually like horror? Or do you make an exception because you like the writing?

The last scary movie I watched was Blair Witch Project and I still regret it. I guess I’m a wimp.  I’m still a little bummed because the show really does look fascinating, but unless someone creates a version with the gore edited out, I’m gonna miss this one.